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I want to live to be someone who is remembered and never forgotten. I have lots of ambitions, goals, and dreams that i hope to achieve. If you like love pizza, I think we will get along just fine in this world full of misfits.
About Me

I’m Saemin Chi [prounounced: say-min chee]. I’m eighteen as of February 25, born in the year 1995. I’m going to be a Freshman in college this upcoming Fall. I live all the way up in Alaska, but my heart lives and resides in California and Washington and London…

I try to be nice and outgoing, however I’m pretty socially awkward, but at the same time I absolutely love meeting new people. 100% Korean, like so exotic huh?uhhh thanks for reading this I guess! It’s just a little more about me, feel free to ask any questions <3

I’m sorta in love with GOSSIP GIRL, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Game of Thrones… just a little. 

I believe that everyone is beautiful because everyone is one of God’s creations. I really hate when people judge others by their appearance or by what they hear. I feel like people should just get to know people and be nice. I especially hate it when people say someone is ugly. Like who are you to be able to judge who is pretty and who is not? Well I’ve got the answer, you are just another human being trying to get by in the world so you do NOT have some high and mighty power to do such a thing.

You know, I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school….I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

The reason why I have a tumblr is to express my inner passion for fashion and to be able to relate to so many other people. Tumblr is a happy place for me, I don’t care about how many followers I have or how many you have, I just blog whatever, and It’s just a bonus that so many people can relate to me and my passion. EXCEPT AT THE SAME TIME I HATE TUMBLR BECAUSE IT HAS RUINED MY LIFE. Ya feel me?

I hope that you read this and realize that you CAN be yourself. I hope that you don’t fall into the mindset of what society thinks is beautiful, because reality is, there IS NO rate of beauty. You can change your physical appearance to what the fads tell you is “beautiful”, but what really shows and shines in a person, is their personality. I’ve learned that you can only get through this world by being nice, even if people say that you don’t have a backbone, being nice will get you just as far, if not farther. Sure, don’t let anyone walk over you and have enough respect and dignity to stand up for yourself, but don’t be a twat about it! Nothing gets me more angry in the world than when I see someone being mean, when they had the option of being nice. You know? like just be nice… it’s not so hard! But let’s be real, is it really worth the time and effort to go and stand up for yourself to someone who OBVIOUSLY ISN’T WORTH THE TIME. like you’re fierce and fabulous you’ve got no time for the basic bitches.

I’m one of the people that care too much of others than they care about me. I would rather make everyone happy first than make myself happy, but if my loved ones are happy, so am I. That’s just how I am and I don’t plan to change that.

Also, I want to say something about how being a virgin is NOT a bad thing. What’s wrong for waiting for the right person? You’re virginity is not just something you lose to be ”cool” ESPECIALLY at such a young age. I hear about elementary kids and middle schoolers doing so many dirty things these days, like sending nudies, having sex, going to parties, and it’s like… Your childhood is the best part of life and I feel so bad for them because they’ll never be able to experience the childhood of innocence, and the few that have, I couldn’t be more happier for you. I HATE that kids feel like they need to have sex or drink or smoke to be cool. It’s not cool. It’s disgusting, and can change your life forever. Experience is alright, like you should experience things but not when you’re like 12…

lol wut even, i’m not a therapist, you dolls are probably like ‘dafuq is she talkin about mate?” well that’s just a little rant in my about me. like story of my life. Short and Simple? nahh, I ain’t about that life.

MUAH love you all

P.S. i’m always here for ANY and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my followers! even if you don’t follow, like I still gotchu. 

P.P.S. I twerk out

Notes ·
-There is no real definition for love.
It could be that endless feeling of
happiness you get from being around
that person or the butterflies you feel
fluttering around
inside of you when he
smiles. But one thing I'm sure of is that we
all fall in love sometime in our life,
& when we do, then & only then can we give
our definition of love.
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